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Most first year Agents begin by ordering for themselves, as it's the perfect way to have a stress and debt free Christmas. But did you know that when you add family, friends and work colleagues to your Account as customers, you can earn commission on their orders too?

This means you will earn great commission, and the more customers you have the more commission you can earn! Check out our commission structure and see how much extra you could be earning when you add just one or two customers to your Account.

Check out how you can find customers in your area by printing off our leaflets and posters. You'll see just how simple it is to help others budget!

How you can earn more

Recruiting customers is easy... start by passing your catalogue around to family and friends and see if they'd like to order through you.

And who better to give advice on how best to recruit or increase customer numbers than our Agents themselves. So we asked Agents from our page on Facebook to give you their top tips:

Sue Fox says:"I always make a point of telling people which shops on the Love2shop vouchers that I think would appeal to them... younger people love the fact that New Look is on there, the new mums like Early Learning Centre and the older ones tend to love them all. This earned me 6 new customers this year!"

Simon Phillips says:"If you've got kids and take them to school ask the other parents if they would be interested in saving for Christmas (If they don't already). Even if you've never spoken to them before it's a good excuse to go over and talk to them, especially if you just moved to the area - it's a great ice breaker."

Jayne Ware says:"Tell everyone how pleased you are when your vouchers arrive... I wasn't looking for customers but two of my closest friends now save after seeing how happy I was!"

Lots of our customers tell us it's like winning the lottery when their vouchers arrive and they can go out on a huge shopping spree and spend, spend, spend for Christmas, knowing it's all been paid for in advance!

Remember: You can add customers to your Account at any time up to 1st September 2014!

I’m in complete control

"My online Account lets me view my payment history and keep a check on how much I need to pay to stay on track. Everything I need to know is there at my fingertips!"

Angela BurrowsAngela Burrows,
Agent for 8 years

Helping friends & family

"After saving through the year it is extremely satisfying seeing your customers’ faces light up when you hand them their order."

Gail GormleyGail Gormley,
Agent for 10 years

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