10 ideas of things to do on Valentine’s Day

10 ideas of things to do on Valentine’s Day

 1.    Re-enact your first date

There’s a good chance that the beginning of your relationship was the time when you made the most effort to show your romantic side, so why not turn back the clock to show how charming you were when you were first dating?

Think back to your first date — make a reservation at the same place, eat the same food and reminisce about how you felt about each other when you first met. Do the same things that first sparked your romance.


2.    Get physical together

You can start things off by getting your heart rates racing together doing something exciting like going to an amusement park, like Alton Towers or do something totally different like going to an indoor ski centre. The idea is to enjoy a little activity and get those endorphins flowing, which should leave you both in a great mood.


c3.    Go for a massage

Going for a massage together is a Valentine’s Day treat. A relaxing massage is just the thing to get both of you in the mood for Valentine’s Day.




4.    Make a trail of rose petals

Anticipation is half the fun of a romantic surprise. Start the excitement by leaving a trail of rose petals leading to your favourite room, where you can leave Valentine’s Day gifts. Feel free to go the whole hog with whatever favourites you can think of. Today is the one day you can get away with corny romance.


5.    Get a room

Changing your surroundings can work wonders. It doesn't have to be expensive, but booking a hotel room can be a nice change to the day-to-day and can make you both feel instantly relaxed. Nobody's responsible for doing the dishes or cooking dinner; instead you get to have some special time together in a new environment.


6.    Be home-buddiesCouple on sofa watching tv

Sometimes the best Valentine’s Day gift you can give is the gift of uninterrupted time together doing nothing. You don’t need to leave the house to make Valentine’s Day special. Think of how great it could be to spend the entire day at home together, without interruption. Turn off your phones, don’t answer the door and just enjoy being with each other, eating your favourite foods and chilling out on the sofa, watching your favourite films.


 7.    All day chocolate

Chocolate is to Valentine’s Day what Santa is to Christmas – the star of the show.  You can't go wrong with chocolate, so why not turn the entire day into one long sweet taste test? After all, this is not the day to count calories. Plan a chocolate breakfast, chocolate lunch, chocolate snacks and a great evening meal with chocolate for dessert.  You can even end the day with hot chocolate before going to bed.  Doing this will mean your partner will be reminded how sweet you are the whole day long.


8.    Get away

If you’ve got the time, money and freedom, stretch your Valentine’s Day into a Valentine’s weekend away at a romantic hotel or bed-and-breakfast. Remember to book well in advance though as places get booked up for the big day.  Who’d say no to a mini break away?


C9.  Cook a nice dinner

There's nothing anyone loves more than being completely taken care of.  So, wherever you're planning on spending the night of Valentine's Day, light some candles, cook a nice dinner, give a mini-massage, and tell them not to get up from the couch all night long because this is their night and you want them to completely relax.



10.    Dress up for the occasion

This could mean anything you want it to.  Arrange a lovely meal at home, just the two of you and either dress up as your favourite character or in clothes from your favourite era.  If you're a couple who enjoy getting the chance to get all dolled up, why not dress as though you’re going to the Oscars, you can both have fun looking your best while spending time together. Dressing up always makes the occasion feel extra special, even if you’re in your own home.


Whatever you choose to do on Valentine’s Day, the most important thing is that you just enjoy it! And don’t forget a nice card on the day too…