12 ways to eat less fat

Too much fat in your diet can take its toll on your health as well as your figure.

  1. Trim visible fat off meat with kitchen scissors before cooking.
  2. Try baking, steaming, grilling or microwaving food instead of frying.
  3. When making lasagne, substitute some layers of white sauce for cottage cheese.
  4. Grate cheese instead of slicing for sandwiches and toppings – you’ll use less.
  5. Share dessert with a friend when eating out instead of having one each.
  6. Use spray oil for frying – either buy it or make your own.
  7. After browning mince, transfer to a colander and rinse thoroughly under the tap to drain off any excess fat before returning to the heat.
  8. Pop a few ice cubes into stews, soups, gravy or sauces towards the ending of cooking – this will cause the fat near them to solidify and you can quickly scoop out the ice and fat with a spoon.
  9. Use natural yoghurt instead of crème fraiche in recipes.
  10. You don’t need both butter and cheese on a jacket potato – just have one or the other.
  11. When making cheese on toast, pop the cheese in the microwave first to melt and then drain off the excess fat before putting on your toast.
  12. When making gravy, use a gravy/fat separator jug to drain off the fat.