Handy tips for the perfect ‘staycation’

With money-saving at the forefront of everyone’s mind, many Brits are giving the cold shoulder to foreign holidays, and enjoying their holidays a little bit closer to home. A stay-at-home vacation – or ‘staycation’- is this year’s hottest trend for summer holidays.

A staycation can save you a lot of money, as instead of paying for expensive flights and hotel accommodations, you stay at home and visit attractions near where you live – you can even use public transport!

If the idea of giving foreign countries a miss in favour of enjoying the sights and sounds of good old Britain sounds like your idea of a great holiday, then you’ll want to read our top tips for a great staycation.

Switch off

As you’re at home, it can be tempting to check the computer for e-mails and constantly have your mobile to hand, however as this is a staycation, simply switch off. Leave the work phone at home when you’re out and about, and set aside 30 minutes each morning to go through your emails rather than let it interrupt your family time.

Plan ahead

Planning ahead can save you time and money. Rather than deciding which attractions you’d like to visit the night before, plan your trips out in advance. Many theme parks and tourist attractions even give you a discount for booking early online! For example, if you book online with Alton Towers, you receive a 25% discount for booking more than 7 days in advance.

Use coupons

Most major UK attractions have offers available if you look in the right places. A quick check of your favourite search engine will often point you in the right direction. A great place to look is on cereal packets. Theme Parks and Waterparks will often have a 2-for-1 voucher throughout the summer, for the cost of a box of cereal!


Visit free attractionsfamily park small

Most museums and art galleries offer free entry and can be a great day out for the whole family. With exhibits to suit Mum, Dad and kids of all ages there really is something for everyone and they’re a great way to expand your kid’s horizons. Visit Britain has a comprehensive list of free museums and art galleries, so you’re sure to find one near you!


Prepare your own food

Avoid the hefty price tags of overpriced theme park and tourist attraction refreshments and prepare your own lunch. Kids love a picnic, and often taking your own food means you won’t become unstuck with fussy eaters or long queues to buy your lunch. Not only that, but it is a much healthier choice than the fast food offerings of most theme parks. Just make sure you check that your particular attraction allows you to take your own food!

Use public transport

If you’re planning days out that are close by, why not try and plan your route using public transport? It can often cost less than the petrol equivalent, there’s no hefty parking charges, and also you’ll be doing your bit for the environment! Plan your route using Transport Direct’s handy travel planner.

Visit your local park

Why not round up your children and their friends and take them down to the local park for a game of rounders or football? It is a completely free way to spend a sunny afternoon, and is the perfect opportunity to get some exercise and fresh air. The children who are too young to join in with the sports can play on the swings. Weather permitting, of course!

Try some home baking

Kids absolutely love making their own things. Why not set an afternoon of your staycation aside dedicated to making your own fun? There is a whole host of recipes available on the Parklife blog, so why not give some of them a go! You can often bake a cake for a fraction of a shop-bought counterpart, and after all your hard work it is sure to taste better!

Always have a ‘rainy day’ planmother daughter baking 2 small

As we know, our summers are not always the most reliable. Plan ahead for unexpected rainy days by having a plan B. Taking the kids to the cinema or the local bowling alley is always a popular option.

Wherever you decide to holiday this year, if you use our handy tips you’re bound to have  fantastic staycation that the whole family can enjoy!

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