Things men do that irritate women

We love them to bits and wouldn’t be without them, but there’s still a sizable list of things that men do that really get on our nerves – hogging the television remote,  ogling other women when out shopping and leaving the toilet seat up, to name a few. We’ve put together a list of some of the most irritable things that men do that drive women mad…

Hogging the TV remote

This perpetual power struggle usually peaks during major sporting events like the Olympics or the World Cup. Unfortunately, it often results in couples spending evenings watching telly in separate rooms rather than snuggling up together on the sofa.

We’ve also known men with a habit of taking the remote with them when they get up to visit the kitchen or (heaven forbid) even the bathroom. This can then lead to a lot of bickering and hunting under cushions until the remote eventually turns up in a weird place like the fridge.

And don’t get us started on the constant channel flicking…

Not helping around the house

It’s a common complaint that men are lazy when it comes to doing household chores. This can be particularly niggling if you both work – but you feel like you’re still expected to do most of the housework and childcare as well. We’ve even heard of men who refer to looking after their own children as ‘babysitting’!

This could partly be a result of men being used to their mums doing most of the jobs around the house when they were growing up and this setting their expectations for their future relationships. Often, a man’s ‘relaxed’ attitude to housework is less to do with sexism and more because they don’t realise how often these jobs need to be done. So why not give them a demonstration – you could even post it on YouTube to really grab their attention – then agree to split chores or draw up a rota?

Unfortunately though, some men (and women) are simply slobs.

If your patience is running out, don’t nag – why not go on strike instead?  They’ll soon start to appreciate you more when they run out of clean socks or can’t see the TV for piles of takeaway boxes!

Leaving the loo seat up

Why do they do this? In fact, very often a male’s whole bathroom etiquette is found lacking. Not flushing after using the toilet, peeing on the seat and leaving beard trimmings in the sink are a few of the other horrid habits.

On the other hand, you rarely hear of men complaining about women leaving the loo seat down, do you?

Not listening/selective hearing

Most wives and girlfriends will be familiar with that look. You’re chatting away about your day or telling him a funny story about something that happened to your mate and you realise he’s switched off and is instead staring at the TV or paper. Or you ask him a question and he just says ‘hmm’.

But they’re not necessarily being rude – men are hardwired to want to jump to the part of the conversation where they can find a solution to your problem or respond to the point that you’re making. That means they want you to get to the point as quickly as possible or their attention wanders.

Research has shown that women use more parts of their brain than men when speaking, allowing them to talk and listen at the same time. This also means we can unintentionally baffle men by easily switching back and forth between different subjects. So when you think you’re adding interesting and relevant detail to your story, it may simply seem confusing or distracting to your other half.

For example, if you’re explaining how someone at work was rude to you, but go off on a tangent about whether you liked what they were wearing, he may end up tuning out because he’s losing the thread of your conversation while waiting for you to ‘get to the point’. Something to bear in mind if you tend to be a bit of a waffler.

Not sharing their feelings

It’s widely-acknowledged that most men are less willing to discuss their feelings than women – which can be a major source of frustration for wives and girlfriends.

Again, this is down to the differences in the way male and female brains work, making women more likely to ‘think aloud’. In addition to this, some men don’t like to discuss their emotions simply because they feel it’s not a ‘manly’ topic of conversation

It can be tempting to try and get your partner to open up by asking them more and more questions – but interrogation by a partner can make men defensive and therefore even less likely to talk about how they’re feeling. Research has shown that men, like women, are more likely to be open if they’re made to feel valued rather than interrogated,

Passing wind and burping

We’re all human, but there is a time and a place for this sort of thing. However, a lot of men seem to think it’s funny to belch in the face of their wife or girlfriend after taking a slurp of a drink, which is often followed by an outburst of laughter with not an apology in sight.

The main culprits of this stinking behaviour are those men who have been married or in a relationship for a considerable amount of time, but there’s a fine line between comfortable with your other half and downright disgusting!

He seems unsociable around your friends

You know how chatty and funny he normally is – so why does he clam up or go into another room when your mates come round?

Remember, a close-knit group of women can seem pretty intimidating to a man, particularly if you’ve known them longer than him and have lots of in-jokes that you suddenly all burst into laughter about.

The way a group of male friends interact with one another, from body language to the type of thing they talk about – can be much different from females and he may simply feel he doesn’t fit into your dynamics. Sometimes they may feel uncomfortable about ‘intruding’ on your bond or feel worried he’ll say the wrong thing.

If you think the issue is more serious, or he has specific reasons for taking a dislike to one of your friends, this may be something you need to discuss with him in more detail.

Remember than women also have habits that men find irritating or baffling – the key is in two-way communication and respecting one another at all times.