Top 10 tips for an organised home

As the old saying goes, a tidy home is a tidy mind. If your home is starting to feel more cluttered,  take on our top 10 tips for an organised home, and it will be ship shape in no time!

Don’t overwhelm yourself

Don’t try to tackle the whole house in one go – you will get bored and distracted. Do an extra job for 10 minutes each day, and things will gradually start to look better.

Have a fancy room

If you have the space, try and have one room that is kept nice at all times. This means no toys and regular hovering and dusting. This is perfect for when visitors come around, because if this is the only room that they see, they will imagine that this is how the rest of your house is (We won’t tell them the secret!).

Hide things

Have a box for shoes; racks look cluttered and will never be as neat as you want. With a box, all the shoes are in one place so you will always be able to find them, and they won’t look messy being strewn all over the house. Also, have a basket or ottoman in each room where you can put clutter, be it letters or toys. Once a month (or whenever they get full), go through them and sort things into their rightful places. This way the place will never look too cluttered, and people will think you’re a domestic goddess.

Quick fixes

When it comes to the bathroom or the kitchen, if you keep them clean as you go, you will never have to do them. For example, when you get out of the shower, give it a quick spray with a bathroom cleaner and wipe it around. Job done. Kitchens are slightly trickier to keep tidy all the time, but if you clean as you go then it won’t ever get that bad. Cleaning as you go is a chore to begin with, but it will become a habit, and you won’t even notice you’re doing it.

Dedicate some space to regularly tidy homeused objects

Everyday objects such as car keys can often go missing as we stop noticing where we put them, and you’re guaranteed to misplace your keys just as you’re running late for work. Invest in a basket or a keyhook to place by the door.



Flower power

Flowers have a distinct power to distract from marks and mess (to a point), as the eye naturally focuses on them. Plus the smell of flowers is known to help alleviate stress.

Prioritise your workload

Ultimately, it’s most important that everybody is fed, clothed, and out on time. All other jobs are less important, so they sit lower down on your to-do list. This way you won’t get too overwhelmed about how much you have to do.

Life is too shortflowers in a vase

There are some jobs you are never going to do, so don’t agonise over them. For example, why would you spend time ironing your teatowels? Finding the partner to that odd sock? The key to an organised home is to do the things that matter and forget the things that don’t.

Calendars are your friend

Calendars are amazing, because you can write your life on them and keep it there as a reminder. How else would you remember having a coffee with the mother-in-law three weeks from now?

Get out more

If it feels like it’s all getting too much, escape. The mess will still be there when you get back, and you’ll be better able to deal with it when you’re calm and happy.

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