Meet our Agents who earn more

1. Sam Price from Hay-On-Wye is a new Agent who already knows how she'll be spending her commission. In helping six of her friends and family save for Christmas. Sam will earn enough commission to be able to treat her little girl to a special Christmas treat.

She says: "When my commission comes at the end of the year, I'm taking my 11 year-old daughter on a shopping trip to London. It will be a great surprise for her as it's a trip she has always wanted to do. She'll get to see the Christmas lights and we can go shopping with the Love2shop vouchers I'll be getting for my commission!"

2. Joanne Evans from Llangollen has been an Agent since 2001 and has an impressive 32 customers. She uses the Love2shop vouchers she receives as her commission payment each year to buy her son's birthday present in the summer.

She says: "I always keep some of my commission vouchers back for my son Jake's birthday present in July. Nobody knows what's around the corner, so this way I know his present is sorted! So I have no worries for Christmas or birthdays - what could be better?"

3. Shirley McAlle from Liverpool has found that adding customers to her Account can pay in more ways than one! Shirley became an Agent in 2006 and recruited over 70 of her family and friends as customers.

Her huge amount of sales led to her landing prestigious prizes at our annual Agent Awards. She picked up a cheque for £500 for Top New Agent in 2007 and a cheque for £750 for Top England Agent in 2009!

She says: "I have a huge amount of friends, work colleagues and a very large family, most of whom save with me, and I invite them all to spread the word and ask their friends if they'd like to start saving to. After everyone has a good year they're keen to order again and pleased to recommend me! Being an Agent is so satisfying as I like to feel as though I'm helping people!"

If you want to know what it's like to be a Park Agent, ask our Agents directly on our page on Facebook.