Frequently Asked Questions

Payments I have a query regarding my payments I wish to change my Direct Debit amount Can I change the date of my Direct Debit? Can I pay online? When is my final payment due? Can I change my final payment date? Can I check what payments I've made? Can I pay over the phone? What happens if I can't keep up with payments? How many weeks are there left to pay? I'd like to cancel my Direct Debit My payment is not showing on my Account How do I make a payment? My online payment declined - why? An incorrect or duplicate payment is showing on my Account I'm having difficulties getting payments from my customers Can I pay at a PayPoint outlet? Who do I make cheques payable to? When can I start paying for my orders? How do I set up a Direct Debit? How often do I need to make my payments? Can I set up a Direct Debit? How do I know if my Direct Debit has been set up? When will my Direct Debit start? What was my last payment and when was it received? Have I paid too much? Have I paid enough? What number do I use on the Giro slip where it asks for my reference number? How long does it take for Direct Debit payments to show on my Account? I have a card payment issue I'm experiencing difficulties making a payment online When was my last payment? Can I set up a Standing Order? Can I pay using online banking? I wish to pay by telephone banking How do I work out my weekly payments?
Vouchers and Gift Cards Can I have my vouchers delivered early? When will I receive my commission in vouchers? When will I receive my vouchers? I've lost my vouchers My vouchers have been stolen I have vouchers missing from my order I've received the wrong vouchers I've not received my vouchers Some of my vouchers are damaged My voucher envelope is damaged I require an alternative delivery address for my vouchers How will vouchers/cards be delivered? Why is change not given when I spend my vouchers? I've missed my voucher delivery Why do I pay more for the Love2shop Anywhere Card than the value of the card? What is the Love2shop Online Card? Do Love2shop Vouchers have an expiry date? I'm having difficulties spending my vouchers What are Love2shop Vouchers? Where can I spend Love2shop Vouchers? Why should I buy the Love2shop Voucher? Where can I spend my Love2shop Gift Card? I am disappointed with the list of retailers accepting Love2shop Cards What is the Love2shop Anywhere Card? How does the Multi Combi work? I’m not happy with my Love2shop flexecash Card. I’m not happy with my Love2shop Anywhere/Online card. I’m not happy with my Love2shop Vouchers. Where can I spend the Love2shop Online Card?