Become an Agent

Why help others plan for Christmas?

It feels great having Christmas all paid for in advance. But there's nothing quite like helping family, friends and work colleagues spread the cost too!

Just add them to your Account as customers - and you can earn up to 25% commission reward on their orders, as well as your own. And that's not the only big benefit!

It's sociable - You'll get to see more of your family and friends when you collect their regular payments.

It's satisfying - It feels great seeing the joy on their faces when you hand out their orders knowing you've helped them have an easy Christmas.

It's simple - Add customers and place their orders easily when you manage your Account online!

Check out the next steps to recruiting customers and find out more about the great commission reward you can earn.

Helping friends, family and colleagues enjoy Christmas without money worries is guaranteed to send your name to the top of their Christmas card list. Add them as customers and enjoy all the benefits of being an Agent...

What's in it for you?

For starters, your social life will be booming - you'll get to see everyone more throughout the year. You could even arrange a weekly get-together to make it easier to collect their money.

Then as Christmas approaches, you'll get to hand out their orders. This is the best bit − watching your loved ones' faces light up when they know Christmas is all paid for and they can go on a huge spending spree. Plus they'll be forever thankful that you helped them plan for a magical Christmas.

If that wasn't enough, you can earn up to 25% commission reward on their orders, as well as your own − think of it as a Christmas bonus from us for your efforts.

It doesn't take much...

Simply add people to your Park Account as customers, place their orders, collect their money throughout the year and pay it in like you do your own.

You can do this easily when you manage your Account online.

Become Agent Agent Commission Reward

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To help you join over 420,000 families who enjoy planning for Christmas

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