Some of our amazing agents shared with us why they plan with Park...
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"Planning with Park means I can get really excited for Christmas! I can go without the anxiety of trying to find the money for gifts. Going Christmas shopping with my daughter is made better because I don't have to say I can't afford something she really wants."

Serina Robins

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"I've been a Park Agent for 27 years and the best thing is seeing my customers smile ear-to-ear when I hand them their vouchers. Planning with Park helps them save money for Christmas, making sure they're not tempted to touch it beforehand."

Sue Batkin

Hear what our customers have to say...
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"This was my first year actually saving with Park, after many years of always saying I was going to. Due various reasons beyond my control i haven't managed to save as much as I originally planned but something is better than nothing and I can't wait to have my gift cards ready to buy some Christmas presents for our kids.

The choice of gift cards is really great, there's so much to choose from. I love that it's so easy to access my account, view payments and change order / value if needed with plenty of time before cut off dates. I'm telling anyone who'll listen about Park and how good they are and I'm definitely saving again next year. Thank you Park!"

Rhiannon Wilkinson

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The years have gone so quick. Park is part of my life now. I would be lost without my vouchers.

Debbie Sharrock

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"I have been saving with park for over 10 years now I believe . I have 60 active people saving with me this year and we have just hit £43k!!!!! I use park because Christmas was always hard for me with 4 boys untill I started saving with park seriously about 5 years ago then I started asking people if they would like to save to because it helped me sooo much. I have my sons birthday 22nd of December, my brother is Christmas Day, my husband is Boxing Day then my dads is New Year's Eve.

Next year I will be back bigger and better- going to aim for £50k next year I still can't believe with everything going on in my life - as my middle child has asd to we have managed to save over £43k I'm incredibly proud of everyone that saves with me. So that's my storie of way I save with park - and it's the best thing I've ever did."

Clair Brading

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I enjoy the fact that I can shop at so many places, especially my local supermarket.

Anna Wilshin

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"This is my first time planning with park this year and let me just say it's a godsend is park, it's taken so much stress off planning with yous this year I normally leave it 2 weeks before to do anything so paying it off each month has taken so much weight off my shoulders.

My first order I've ordered £600 love to shop vouchers and a £100 JD voucher, for the kids and the JD one for my partner, so yeah it has been amazing and I can't wait to start paying next year's off now and plan for next year and many more years to come. Can't wait to receive them all and start shopping.

Thank you again park you're amazing!"

Becky Marsden Keighley

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Christmas is such a special time for me and my family and saving with Park helps with that.

Tanya Nicholson

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