About Us

Here at Park, we help over 420,000 sensible families make the most expensive time of the year more affordable. And we've been doing this now for fifty years!

Park was founded by Peter Johnson in 1967, when his family butchers began inviting people to pay small weekly instalments for food hampers that would be delivered to them on a bicycle, just before Christmas.

The idea of paying for Christmas in advance appealed to many families who would have otherwise struggled to afford so many luxuries - Park made Christmas affordable.

Paying for Christmas in small amounts throughout the year instead of one big lump sum at the end was as hugely popular five decades ago as it is today.

Back then you could only order a small selection of meat and groceries − a world away from the huge range of big brand gift cards, vouchers, gift ideas and hampers available for Christmas 2017.

With so many loyal customers returning to budget with us every year, we're proud to see how much Park has grown. And we're pleased to be able to help so many people each year.

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