2020 Delivery Information

Voucher/Gift Card Deliveries
As long as your account is fully paid, we will start dispatching vouchers/gift cards in September, usually within 21 days of your final payment clearing your account. Unfortunately we can't specify specific dates or times for delivery of vouchers/gift cards in advance.

Direct Delivery (Customers of Agents)
Most items will be delivered to you via your Agent (if you have one). However, certain items are delivered direct to you. These items are delivered between November and December 2020. You will receive a letter confirming delivery dates by the end of October 2020.

Early Releases
Most vouchers/cards and a limited number of other products can be released early, if requested, provided yours or your Agent's account is paid in full and has been operational for a minimum of 45 days. You or your Agent (if you have one) can contact Customer Care for full details.

Experience Vouchers will be delivered from November 2020.

Occasionally we may need to substitute products. Any substitutions we make are guaranteed to be of equal or higher value to the ones you have ordered. If you are not satisfied with any substituted item, we will bear the cost of its return (subject to terms and conditions).

All Other Deliveries
All vouchers and cards will be delivered by 20th November 2020.

Please note: Everything (except certain direct delivery items) will be delivered to your Agent if you have one. See Direct Delivery section.